1/2” Super Stubby Air Impact Wrench
Product Description

proimages/products/trophy.jpg This multifunctional stubby impact gun has been awarded by Taiwan Excellence 2021.

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Product Introduction
Special Features

Air Impact Guns with Multiple Applications Instead of having several different power tools, AW050H is flexible in multiple applications such as automotive, motorcycle, agriculture machine, and packaging, crates & pallets. It includes one-hand operation for forward & reverse and 3 positions for each side, so that users are able to operate it faster and more precisely. With lightweight feature (1.35kg), this air impact gun is suitable for various industrial purposes.

How our Pneumatic Stubby Impact Wrench Works and Why It Is Recommended

AW050H 1/2”Super Stubby Air Impact Wrench is a patented tool provided by Apach Industrial, one of top air tool manufacturers in Taiwan. It is a designated maintenance tool for global car companies and any other areas/industries that need to deal with lug nuts, bits, torx, and sockets. The variety of application and service life makes this tool irreplaceable by many knockoffs distributed in the market.

  • Jumbo Hammer mechanism is applied into this impact gun, for its stability, long-life, lightweight and durability.
  • Support for single-handed operation, forward/reverse rotation and 3-stage settings to adjust speed and torque.
  • With the impact sockets, the total length is 104mm only which can be applied to a narrow working environment. The user can attach with special sockets for convenient use in minimal operating distance.
  • Anvil Patent in 5 countries, including Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Japan and China, which features one AW050H realizes multiple functions usually needs 2 (or more) tools. The users can use AW050H as either 3/8" or 1/2" with 3/8" Dr. & 1/2" Dr. anvil adaptors.
  • The users can use the bit holders (standard set: 8&10mm) as either sockets or holders to attract 8&10mm bits.
  • With the magnet feature inside the 14mm driveshaft, 14mm bits can be attracted with no socket as a connection.
  • With the 14mm extension bar, the user can use all the accessories in broader applications with only one tool - AW050H. The user can attach with bits or torx drives for greater range of application and the benefits of minimal operating distance.
  • The wrench is all for shorter distance with sufficient torque power. (MAX 813N.m)


As winning Taiwan Excellence 2021, AW050H proves its high quality and innovative values, and it could be your best choice while choosing 3/8” and 1/2” impact wrenches. The following video may give you a clear insight into the features and applications of AW050H:


APACH embraces not just opportunities, but challenges and turns the challenges into success. With decades of devotion in the industry, APACH® realized that a commitment to customer is not merely quality management, but to society. It’s our commitment to BUILDING FUTURES. APACH® has never stopped, and will not, to keep on striving to be better APACH.

Special Features
  • 10 Pc/14.0Kgs./16.00Kgs./0.8’
  • Mechanism:Jumbo Hammer
  • Highest durable Japanese steel Anvil
  • Handle exhaust
  • One hand operation for Forward & Reverse; 3 position for each side
  • Replaceable anvil design for short socket or change to traditional anvil of 3/8” and 1/2”
  • Short Length: Only 3.3” from front to rear allows for easy access in cramped spaces
  • Die casting of housing
  • Powerful torque with Low noise
  • Components with durable and heavy duty materials
  • Industry
  • Workshop
  • Automotive
  • Motorcycle
  • Agriculture machine
Technical Data
Square DriveBolt CapacityOverall LengthAvg. Air Con.Air InletHose Size(I.D.)
1/2” 5/8” (M16) 3.38” (86mm) 4.0 CFM (113 L/min) 1/4” 3/8”
Air PressureTorque(5 Sec.)Max. Torque(10 Sec.)Net WeightFree SpeedVibration
90 PSI 400 FT-LB / 542 N.m. 600 FT-LB / 813 N.m. 1.35 Kg (2.98 LBS) 9000 RPM 9.0 m/s2