Multiple Speed Air Spot Welding Drill

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Product Introduction
What Area is Our Air Drill Used for?

ADR001T, APACH’s awarded pneumatic spot weld drill, is designed to be used for body/plate repair in automotive, boat, machine industries.

Why ADR001T is Your Best Choice for Pneumatic Drill?
  1. ONE for All

    With the speed switching structure, ADR001T (AO080AGP) can achieve both high torque/low speed and low torque/high speed by simply switching the shift device, which typically required at least two different types of electric and pneumatic tools. Power force will not be changed while adjusting its speed. It’s highly recommended for the users who wish to have low-high speed shift within one pneumatic drill.

    Take a look on how to switch the speed, and it’s easier than you could imagine! The following videos may give you a clear insight into the features and applications of ADR001T.

  2. Six Different Levels of Free Speeds

    Users can set up ADR001T to 6 different levels of free speeds, started from 460 RPM to 2400 RPM. It’s suitable for HSS & TCT drill. With our filed test, ADR001T can work on 1.3mm SS 304 steel, 5mm brass plate, 6mm black iron, 11mm aluminum, and 5mm steel plate with a 25mm hole cutter.

    Check the video of testing air drill on drilling five types of Plate:

  3. Higher Precision of Drilling

    Ergonomic clamp design helps the user to increase the precision of drilling. During the operation, the user does not have to give pressure on the target object by simply holding the tool and the clamp. Also, the user can adjust the clamp distance between the drill and the target object to make sure the depth of drilling in order to prevent the drill from hurting the original panel/skin.

  4. Patent

    Anvil Patent in 5 countries, including Taiwan, the United States, Germany, Japan and China, which features one ADR001T realizes multiple speeds functions usually needs 2 (or more) air drills.

  5. Award

    As winning Taiwan Excellence 2021, ADR001T proves its high quality and innovative values. The speed switch structure and service life makes this tool irreplaceable by many knockoffs distributed in the market.