High Speed Air Screwdriver
Product Description

High Speed Air Screwdriver

Product Introduction
Special Features
  • 20 Pcs/Carton/ 0.9’/ 21.0 Kgs.
  • High speed, powerful, suit for assembly lines of various industries.
  • Small vibration.
  • The start lever manipulation of simple, lightweight and effort.
  • With pros and cons of turning the manual knob controls.
  • Adjustable clutch means, there is provided an operator to control the torque.
  • High speed stepless automatic transmission.
Technical Data
Air InletHose Size(I.D.)Air PressureAir ConsumptionBolt capacity(mm)
1/4” 1/4” 90 PSI 3.0 CFM (82 L/min) Φ4~8
Net WeightLengthTorqueFree Speed
1.1 Kg (2.43 LBS) 220mm 60 Ft-Lbs (80 Nm) 8500 RPM